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Capture Fox is an add-on for Firefox that allows you to record the action in the browser window, or the whole screen. It is a handy way to record screencasts, or video tutorials without the need to open a new program.

Once installed, Capture Fox is accessible from the tools menu, and recording begins once you've chosen the capture area, video quality and sound. Sound is only recorded from a microphone if you have one and want a commentary on your screencast - you can't record sound from web-pages or other programs. There is a timer on the Firefox browser's bottom left so you can keep an eye on your progress, and the recording is stopped by opening the tools menu and clicking 'Capture Fox' again.

Capture Fox is extremely easy to use, and despite still being under development, we didn't experience any bugs using it. The quality of the video is passable, although it only runs at 2 frames a second, so you can't effectively capture video, just more basic movements. The sound recording is good, so for a functional looking screencast, Capture Fox will do the trick.

If you don't require a high frame rate for your screencast, Capture Fox will suit you perfectly, and it's great having this function in Firefox.

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Capture Fox


Capture Fox 0.7.0

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  • by Anonymous

    lower quality frame rate & it's web-based ;-(.
    aside from the low quality it produces, it doesn't have the e...   More